iSexy Thursday Links

It’s a Thursday, and that means its time for another edition of iSexy Thursday Links.  For iSexy Thursday Links, I cruise around the internet looking for the hottest links about stuff that you may or may not care about like babes and other crap, while simultaneously pining over the fact that its not Friday yet.

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Stupid New Portable Disposable Male Sex Toy

A caveat before I start slagging on this product: I don’t use, nor have I ever used, any male sex toys such as Fleshlight to enhance my masturbatory situation.  Maybe I’m behind the times.  Maybe I’m old fashioned. They just don’t really do anything for me, and seem a bit creepy (especially the ones in the shape of mouthes…weird!)

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Hot New Photo Shoot: Emily Ratajkowski

Last year was all about Emily Ratajkowski.

She was everywhere.  It all started with her and her boobs’ starring role in the video for Robin Thicke’s horrible, somewhat offensive pop hit “Blurred Lines.”  The video sky-rocketed her into babe fame, and she then started posing in a wide variety of sexy shoots, including for Sports Illustrated.

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Babe of the Day: Dylan Penn

Gotta love it when two celebrities get together, engage in a quick, tumultuous marriage, have a couple of kids, divorce, and go there separate ways.  Then, everyone forgets about those kids for 18-20 years (unless they happen to be famous child actors), the celeb kids come of age, and everyone remarks “oh, shit!  Who’s this hot babe?  She’s really hot!  She should become a model!” Then everyone realizes that she’s the kid of two celebrities and she becomes famous again, starts dating another handsome celebrity, and the endless cycle continues.

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The Sex Factor: A New Reality Show Hosted by Belle Knox

I’m assuming everyone in North America has at least watched an episode or two of American Idol or X-Factor.

Those shows are really fucking horrible and boring, and thank god the reality talent show format of television seems to be slowly fading into obscurity.  My main issue: out of all the American Idol/America’s Got Talent etc. winners, how many of them have actually levied their glory into a successful career in their field?

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Babe of The Day – Martha Hunt

It’s Monday, which means that your work week has officially started, and that really sucks for you. I don’t feel that bad for you, because my work week has ALSO started. Well let’s start off our respective work weeks with a bang by checking out sexy lingerie/swimsuit model Martha Hunt as she poses for a hot new topless photo shoot.

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iSexy Friday Links! TGIF!!!!!!!!!

Another week comes to a close.  I had a pretty good week.

I looked at many, many pictures of babes all day and thought to myself ‘damn, all of these ladies I get to look at all day are fly as hell, and I wish I could date them all/have sex with them.”  And I spend all week thinking about that and then Friday finally rolls around, and I snap back to reality and realize that I haven’t done any work since Monday Morning.

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Lima Babe

Adriana Lima – Still Super Hot

Modelling is not exactly a career that is known for its longevity.  Staying beautiful is difficult enough as it is, and then you have to deal with all of those up-and-coming young models with cool new looks that are totally harshing your vibe and then you have to get into a cat-fight with them on the runway where you rip each others clothes off and tumble around naked in front of a crowd of bigwigs and celebrities.

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