Rosie Jones and India Reynolds Wimbledon Special!

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Tennis Anyone?

What I like about tennis is that women’s tennis is infinitely more interesting than men’s tennis.

What other sports can boast that?

Given the choice between NBA and WNBA, you would choose NBA right?

Men’s tennis is all serves. If by some miracle one guy gets to return a service, the rallies aren’t anything special.

Women’s tennis on the other actually has rallies which gives each match tension.

That’s my opinion anyway.

If you weren’t sold on women’s tennis already, then you’re going to want to see Rosie Jones and India Reynolds‘s Wimbledon special from Nuts Magazine.

Basically what Nuts did was take two of Britain’s sexiest models (Rosie Jones and India Reynolds), dressed them up in skimpy little tennis outfits, then got them to strike sexy poses and take the tennis outfits off.

There’s no full-frontal nudity, but I’m making an executive decision to declare it NSFW.

Rosie Jones and India Reynolds are never safe for work because they’re sexiness will make you drool all over your keyboard, which could break your work computer.

Anyways, let’s get excited for Wimbledon with Rosie Jones and India Reynolds.

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I hope Rosie Jones and India Reynolds both win Wimbledon this year.

Sharing is sexy!