Helena Christensen: 44, sexy as ever

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Helena Christensen sexy
Helena Christensen

What would you do to get an exclusive tour of Helena Christensen’s apartment?

Probably not a whole lot, right? I mean you wouldn’t let her cut off your arm or take your first born child. Would you?

What would you do to get an exclusive tour of Helena Christensen’s apartment with Helena Christensen nude?

Why she could have all my limbs and all my children if she was nude!

Don’t worry, you don’t have to give up anything to see Helena Christensen semi-nude in her apartment. FutureClaw Magazine has taken care of that.

note Helena Christensen is semi-nude in these pics, might be NSFW, depending on where you work.

  • helena-christensen-nude-photos-1
  • helena-christensen-nude-photos-2
  • helena-christensen-nude-photos-3
  • helena-christensen-nude-photos-4
  • helena-christensen-nude-photos-5
  • helena-christensen-nude-photos-6
  • helena-christensen-nude-photos-7
  • helena-christensen-nude-photos-8
  • helena-christensen-nude-photos-9
  • helena-christensen-nude-photos-10
  • helena-christensen-nude-photos-11
  • helena-christensen-nude-photos-12

I don’t know what they’re putting in the water over in Denmark but it’s working. Helena Christensen looks great for 44. Possibly better than ever? Maybe? I just have a little thing for older chicks.

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  • suneel

    Alongwith Stephanie Seymour — what a tag team!!!

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      Very sexy

  • http://isexy nick vamvas

    Very sexy