Best Places to have Public Sex

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Here is my list of the best places to have public sex, hopefully you don’t get caught…


This is probably the most unsexiest place of the list, and probably the best if your girl is not a screamer. Uno, there’s always handicap bathrooms, and you don’t need to feel bad because there’s probably a few in the library. Secondo, libraries are huge and no one will notice if you leave with someone for the bathroom. Finally, librarians have other things to do than spot you doing it; they are probably the horniest girls out there.


They basically encourage it, they give you alcohol, pretty girls and a place to have sex. It’s just logical to have sex in a pub. Make sure you can lock the door; you wouldn’t want someone to walk in… or do you?  Easy threesome opportunity.

Pub Girl


Probably not the most comfortable place for the girl but the best place to get a BJ. Nothing can beat sitting down and her doing all the work. Bonus point if you grab her ass. Also let’s face it, it’s a room you can move around all over. Want to have sex while at the local produce market… no problem. It’s a win/win situation with the girl. She likes the market you like car sex.

Hot chick on a car


Nature calls. Not that type of nature, the type where you get bored with a girl and the only thing left to do is having dirty sex while in the woods Doggy Style. We don’t want to get down in the muck… well not the muck on the ground anyways…

Forrest Sex


Nothing is more exciting than having sex with the new sexy intern, she’s freshly out of college and she’s putting extra hours in to prove to the boss she can handle anything. Bad news for her, you also stay after hours.


I tried all of these already. Your turn.

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Sharing is sexy!