Top 10 Best Celeb Smiles

Sharing is sexy!

Most people are a sucker for the classics – boobs, butt, legs.


But, one of my #1 things is a lady’s smile.  She got a good smile?  Dope, that’s great news, thanks world for creating that face.

So without further delay, let’s all look at a list of hot celebrities that have great smiles.  I have unilaterally decide what celebrities have the best smiles, by the way.  Also, this is an objective, factual report based on my scientific findings, and not opinion.

Angelina Jolie – Angelina Jolie has been wooing me with her smile since god knows when.

Angelina Jolie at the Regency Hotel, 4/6/04Ph:Michael Sofronski

Eva Mendes – Everyone knows Eva Mendes is sexy as hell and on top of that she’s also got sort of an exotic thing going on with her look.  She is incredibly good looking and guess what?  Great smile!


Scarlett Johansen – When I was a teenager and saw “Lost in Translation” I immediately fell in love with Scarlett Johansen.  She doesn’t always smile and usually looks moody and depressed but that’s why her smile is dope – she doesn’t flash it too often and over-saturate us with it.


Megan Fox – Megan Fox was the hot lady ‘it girl’ for awhile and then kind of disappeared from the face of the Earth when everyone realized Transformers sucks.  Actually was she even in the later Transformers?  Actually was she even in Transformers at all?  Whatever, she’s fly and has a dope smile.

megan fox turn n smile

Taylor Swift – OK Taylor Swift is probably actually more known for making that pouty stern look, but fuck it, Taylor Swift is sexy as hell so she makes the list.


Selena Gomez – How she could be smiling while dating that puddle of bile Justin Bieber I will never know, but still , Selena got a fly smile for real.


Jennifer Lopez – JLO got that classic smile that I remember fawning over while I watched hours upon hours of shitty music videos in a row as a teenager.


Beyonce -Beyonce is probably smiling because she’s likely the most successful woman in music right now.  Use that smile to convince your husband Jay-Z to stop being so lazy on guest verses please.


Miley Cyrus – Sure, her smile is usually replaced by her goofy tongue-sticking-out thing that she’s doing right now for whatever reason.


Rihanna -RiRi always looks pretty goddamn good, but I think she’s got a really nice, sort of sly, smile.


Jennifer Lawrence -Subtle smile.  I can get down with subtle.  I can fuck around with subtle. Subtle is chill.



Yo, and I gotta do the unpopular thing and shout out Julia Roberts here for the smile that almost single-handedly made her rich & famous, even though like, fuck Julia Roberts.


Sharing is sexy!