Lebanese Olympian Gets Nude, Gets in Trouble

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BTW, it’s the Olympics. You already knew that right? I’d be really surprised if you didn’t know that. Anyways, for those that don’t know, the Olympic is basically a giant raging sex party once athletes complete their events.

Think about it – you’ve been training your ass off for years, under a huge amount of stress and scrutiny. Your big day finally comes on the biggest stage in the universe and you complete your event to the best of your abilities. What would you want to do after? Blow off some steam! Plus, you’re surrounded by thousands of sexy, fit, like-minded athletes who are in the same boat!

Speaking of sexy and fit, some scandalous topless pics have recently surfaced of Lebanese skier Jackie Chamoun, who is apparently fly as hell.

Source: Uploaded by user via neversummr09 on Sex.com

Chamoun is one of two athletes representing Lebanon – and apparently her leaked topless photos did not go over very well. Though the Lebanese Olympic committee has not prevented her from participating in the Olympics, they’ve released a formal statement saying that they do not condone Chamoun’s actions, nor do they represent the country of Lebanon.

Who cares about that political stuff though, right? As long as Chamoun isn’t reprimanded too harshly for her actions, which it doesn’t seem like she will be, then it’s no big deal and I don’t feel guilty about repeatedly watching the below video. Besides, she posed for the calendar in question almost 4 years ago – the original calendar didn’t include nudity, but this “behind-the-scenes” video certainly does!


Sharing is sexy!