Babe o’ the Day – Holly Peers

‘Ello Guvnah, welcome to another edition of the iSexy babe of the day.

I’d like you to meet Holly Peers, who, if you didn’t know, is an extremely well-known British glamour model who likes to pose without a shirt on.  Makes sense.  Flaunt ‘em if you got ‘em, I always say.  Holly got her start on the Sun’s page 3, which is an iconic place for glamour models to get their starts.

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Cora Keegan Poses in Some iSexy Approved Pictures

Because our stamp of approval means so much on the internet – I tend to liken it to winning an Oscar, or passing FDA standards or something.

Anyways, Cora Keegan is a beautiful up-and-coming model from Vegas.  Since she’s from Vegas maybe she can help me curb my horrible crippling video lottery machine addiction?  If that’s the case, get at me Cora.

Cora Keegan has been modelling for quite some time, and has seen her fair share of magazine features as well as runway appearances. The main and most important thing is that she’s really good looking, and is unafraid to jump on the seemingly new modelling bandwagon of posing topless all over the place.

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Miranda Kerr new pic 2012 01

iSexy Thursday Links. 03/20/2014

Well, we’re almost through the week everybody.  Yup, its Thursday. Thursday at around noon, so we’re halfway done the last day before Friday.  This is very important information because it means that I can basically taste the sweet nectar of the god, beer, on my winter-parched lips as I sit here in front of my computer getting through another work day.

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Leila Spilman Poses Topless, And Lights Cigarettes off Stovetops, Just Like Me!

Leila Spilman is a model on the rise.  She’s been modelling since she was 18, but she’s beginning to gain more and more exposure.

Her recent photo shoot for Purple Magazine has her posing topless in a spare and basically empty apartment.  The apartment reminds me of my own in that its a huge dump with hardly any furniture.

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Amanda Seyfried Loves Sex Scenes and is Also Hot

I’m going to be honest with y’all.  I’ve had a crush on Amanda Seyfried for a long-ass time.

I remember watching this really crappy show called “Big Love” where Amanda Seyfried played the daughter of Bill Paxton, who was a polygamist mormon trying to separate from his compound and deal with having 3 wives in this crazy, crazy world.  The show was pretty bad, but it had good actors, and also my girlfriend made me watch it.

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Jessie Andrews Cover

New Jessie Andrews Video is HOT

In the past, being a porn star/adult actress used to be so taboo that, once you became known for pornography, you could basically kiss any other aspirations goodbye. It was quite common for publications like Playboy to convince famous actresses to pose in the nude, but the opposite almost never happened. You were pigeonholed as an adult performer/model and that’s where you remained in most peoples’ eyes.

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