The History of a Porn Site

In case you didn’t realize, the Internet recently turned 25 years old.  I mean, that’s sort of complete bullshit, because the internet has TECHNICALLY been around since the 1970s.  But it hasn’t always been accessible to us common people, and it definitely wasn’t used primarily for looking at porn and hot babes back then.

So, ever wonder about the history of a porn site before?

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Babe of the Day: Nina Agdal

Nina Agdal is a major babe. You might recognize her from one of her many sexy fashion shoots, or more recently, from being one of the beautiful women to grace the cover of the Sports Illustrated 2014 swimsuit issue. Nina Agdal is an up-and-coming model from Denmark who’s been securing some really big shoots as of late, so you can expect to hear her name a lot in 2014.

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The World’s Most Searched Porn Stars / Celebrities

Recently, I did a post about the PornMD live feed which allows you to watch, in real time, the porn terms that people are searching for around the world.  While watching the stream, I discovered that people are consistently searching for really fucked up/just plain weird topics to whack off to.

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Top 10 Female Celebrities With the Sexiest Legs

A little while ago I did a post about the top 10 celebrity butts. I’m a humanitarian and a scholar and I felt like the world had a right to know which celebrities were rocking the nicest butts.  I mentioned in said article that I’m a butt man.  So now that we checked out some butts, time to move on and take a look at the top 10 female celebrities with the sexiest legs.

It’s a natural progression.

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Important Announcement: Rihanna Wears See-Through Mesh Top

If you follow/read this blog at all you should be well aware that we’re huge Rihanna fans.

Here are the pics we’re talking back.  Beyond wearing a see-through mesh top, I think we can all agree that Rihanna generally just looks fly as hell.  Like she usually does!  Because I’m so goddamn nice and I’m your best friend I also included some other sexy Rihanna pics.  Thanks me!

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