ISexy Gets Classy With Some Erotic Boudoir Pics

Usually iSexy is reserved for glossy mainstream pictures of hot babes in bikinis for Sports illustrated and other magazine of its ilk. We really, really like that type of stuff here at iSexy, but, everyone knows that change is good,variety is the spice of life, and all of that.

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Retro Babe of the Day: Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara won over many, many new male friends with her starring role in the sitcom Modern Family.  Beyond the fact that she is still ludicrously hot for an older woman, Vergara also seems like a great, funny, intelligent lady, which, believe it or not, goes a long way in terms of attraction.

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Babe of the Day: Stoya

If you follow the adult industry at all beyond looking at the top videos on whatever tube site you use, you’ll know who Stoya is.  She is probably the most attractive porn star in the business.  When I say attractive, I don’t mean “porn star” attractive, I mean “beautiful model” attractive.

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JPMorgan Chase Discriminating Against Pornstars

You’d think that given the ubiquity of pornography nowadays, people would start to accept it as a real profession. But that’s not the case.

I mean, just look at the scrutiny Belle Knox has been under ever since she came forward. But things have recently gotten harder for your average pornstar, and it’s hitting them where it hurts: their bank accounts.

JPMorgan Chase is currently shutting down the bank accounts of members of the adult industry.

This isn’t the first time banks have discriminated against pornstars.

City National shut down Chanel Preston‘s checking account and refused to give her a home loan last May for no reason at all. At the same time, softcore producer Marc L. Greenberg was denied a loan from JPMorgan Chase even though Greenberg had an annual income of half a million, and assets of $10 million. Why did they deny him the loan? For “moral reasons”.

Pornstars like Teagan PresleyDakota SkyeStormy DanielsBonnie RottenVeronica Avluv, Kieran Lee, Alexis AmoreVanessa Veracruz, Angelina Capri and more have all reportedly received letters saying their accounts have been closed. Why? “FOR MORAL REASONS.”

A bank that regularly violates SEC regulations, that’s been implicated in laundering drug money, and that contributed to the 2007 American economic collapse won’t let members of the adult industry because they think porn is immoral.

READ THE FULL STORY ON SEX.COM: JPMorgan Chase Hates Pornstars

What do you all think? Is it wrong for the bank to discriminate against pornstars?


iSexy Thursday Links

It’s a Thursday, and that means its time for another edition of iSexy Thursday Links.  For iSexy Thursday Links, I cruise around the internet looking for the hottest links about stuff that you may or may not care about like babes and other crap, while simultaneously pining over the fact that its not Friday yet.

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Stupid New Portable Disposable Male Sex Toy

A caveat before I start slagging on this product: I don’t use, nor have I ever used, any male sex toys such as Fleshlight to enhance my masturbatory situation.  Maybe I’m behind the times.  Maybe I’m old fashioned. They just don’t really do anything for me, and seem a bit creepy (especially the ones in the shape of mouthes…weird!)

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Hot New Photo Shoot: Emily Ratajkowski

Last year was all about Emily Ratajkowski.

She was everywhere.  It all started with her and her boobs’ starring role in the video for Robin Thicke’s horrible, somewhat offensive pop hit “Blurred Lines.”  The video sky-rocketed her into babe fame, and she then started posing in a wide variety of sexy shoots, including for Sports Illustrated.

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